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Entertaining on a Cruise Ship-The Ultimate Guide
by Paul Romhany

This is the most complete guide ever written for performers wanting to work on cruise ships. This long awaited book took over nine years to complete and is authored by one of the busiest cruise ship entertainers in the industry-magician and vent Paul Romhany.

As a headline act on cruise ships, Paul is one of the most sought after performers on major luxury liners.

And now, this lifestyle can be yours.

Crusing is one of the most popular, convenient and affordable vacation options offered in the travel industry. With more ships sailing to more incredible destinations all over the world than ever before, there has truly never been a better time to get a job as a performer on a cruise ship.

Paul has worked for almost every major cruise line including Cunard, Holland America, Princess, Seaborne, NCL and Regent.

Learn how to go about working in the cruise industry - from how to get the gigs, booking contacts, types of contracts, life on a ship, what to do and what is EXPECTED from you to be considered for a cruise performer position. Also read some great stories from some well known cruise ship entertainers.

A bonus chapter includes excerpts from Paul's private journal and reveals some very valuable insights as to life as a cruise ship performer.

If you have ever thought about working on ships, this huge 265 page book is a must. "Entertaining on a Cruise Ship" is the modern standard resource for entertainers wanting to learn all they need to know about working on ships.

Entertaining on a Cruise Ship Book, $30

Soft Cover - 265 pages

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Politically Incorrect
Scripts for Comedy Ventriloiquists

by Al Stevens

Brand new from ventriloquist, comedian, musician. figure maker and author Al Stevens.

This is certainly not your typical book of scripts. Al has always leaned towards the night club style of comedy when he writes and performs.

There is some PG-13 material in this hilarious new publication, but Al has highlighted those sections within the scripts to allow you to easily leave it out or change the wording.

A wide range of material is included for the typical "cheeky boy" figure, an old lady spinster, an old man character, a mentally unstable figure, robot, gorilla and much more.

Nearly 40 scripts (and 148 pages) that can be used as individual bits, or strung together to make a full routine.

These are tested routines that Al uses in his current show with great audience response.

The material ranges from G-rated to PG-13 (maybe one or two R words).

Open the book and prepare to add some really funny humor and huge laughs to your show.

Politically Incorrect Scripts for Comedy Ventriloquists Book, $25

Soft Cover - 148 pages


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Ventriloquism: Art, Craft, Profession
by Al Stevens
Foreword by Tom Ladshaw

A note from Lee Cornell:

So, you've read a book or two and think you know everything you need to know about the craft and profession of ventriloquism.

I would have to say you are sadly mistaken.

Al Stevens' new book is one of the finest and most COMPLETE resource books on the art of ventriloquism I have ever read.

There is so much information packed into this nearly 300 page book, it will astound you.

I consider it one of the top books I've ever read on the subject of ventriloquism, performing and show business.

Al has been a professional musician, comic, ventriloquist, figuremaker and author for over 50 years. This book was 8 years in the making. It contains topics never before covered in any other book of it's kind.

I've read nearly every book, listened to every audio product, watched every DVD on "vent" (and produced one of the best selling instructional video courses ever offered - Ventriloquism 101) and still learned so much more in this book - All based on Al's decades of experience in show business.

Sure, he teaches you, in his own way, the "how-to" part of being a ventriloquist, but it is all of the other information in this book that can take you to the next level - no matter where you are in your ventriloquism "journey" - beginner or professional.

Let me make this clear - this book is a must have for anyone who calls themself a ventriloquist or perfomer. No matter what you think you know already.

Just take a look at the list of topics covered in great detail in this all encompassing guide to the profession of ventriloquism:

Topics include:

A history of ventriloquism
Ventriloquism in literature
Jokes about ventriloquists
Talent, gifts and hard work
Ventriloquist dummies - what kind should you buy?
Sound systems and how to choose the best one for your style of performing
Equipment: stands, backdrops, cases and trunks, transporting your equipment
Creating a character voice
Manipulation of the puppet
Lip Control and how to achieve it
Al's method of learing ventriloquism and how to say the difficult letters
How to develop a character that comes to life to the audience
Character separation - how to make the dummy have a personality different than yours
The distant voice
Ventriloquial tricks
Secrets to help make you a good ventriloquist in as short of time as possible
How to write comedy dialogue that's actually funny
Ventriloquism and using music
Using magic with ventriloquism
Audience participation and when to use it
Performing kid shows
Walk-around performing
Street performing (busking)
The business of show business
Performance opportunities
Promotion and marketing
Ventriloquism glossary
and lots more!

These main subject headings only scratch the surface. All of these topics are broken down into several smaller sub-topics that cover so much more.

The book is easy to read and understand and is guaranteed to be a resource you will refer to again and again.

The book also contains lots of ventriloquist photos from Al's personal collection.

Invest in your copy right now. Become a better performer. Learn the ropes from a real pro and true gentleman. This book is going to be the topic of much discussion in the world of ventriloquism as the "go to" guide for performers.

It's all about the Art, Craft and Profession. And Al covers it all.

You can also read more about Al, his career and his book at his official book site by clicking HERE.

Ventriloquism: Art, Craft, Profession Book, $20

Soft Cover - 286 pages

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Creating Original Characters
by Nick Pawlow

Nick Pawlow is one extremely funny and original performer.

Using his unique characters - including a dead zombie, a ghost, a caveman, a baked pig, Bigfoot, a drunken bum, a statue of "the Thinker" and even a puppet with no head, Nick has always thought "out of the box" to create his puppets.

With never a typical cheeky boy character in sight, Nick has spent the last 25 years performing his zany and expressive style of comedy and ventriloquism to the delight of audiences along the east coast.

His performances at the Vent Haven International Ventriloquist Convention always brings the crowds to their feet and laughing so hard it's difficult to breathe.

Nick has won the Originality Award at the convention an unequalled FOUR times!

Now, in his first booklet (based on his workshop and lecture at the 2011 Vent Haven Convention) Nick reveals his best secrets and tips to creating your own ORIGINAL ventriloquist characters...and how to bring them to life.

Why be like everyone else who uses the same type of ventriloquist characters? Let Nick show you how to create your own, unforgettable puppets for your show.

Creating Original Characters by Nick Pawlow, $10

Soft Cover - 32 pages

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Revised Edition

Videography Ninja Book
BONUS! Includes 108 minute Instructional DVD!
An Insider's Guide to Easily Making Kick-Butt Demo, Promotional and

Show Videos That Will Make You More Money!
by Lee Cornell


This newly revised and updated book by Lee Cornell will show you how to create your own promotional, demo and show DVD's at a fraction of the cost of hiring a videographer to do it for you.

You'll learn, without technical mumbo jumbo language, the tips and tricks professionals use to create video products that will get watched, get you more shows and make you more money.

This book and 108 minute DVD combo is not just for ventriloquists. It's for anyone in the entertainment business who wants to learn how to make professional looking videos.

If you are wanting to send out a demo DVD to a prospective client, make sure they are watching your video and not just throwing it away. Or, if you want to create a DVD of your show to sell after your performances, you'll learn how to easily do that, too.

Lee Cornell, in addition to being a ventriloquist and magician for over 40 years, also has a degree in film and television production. He has produced corporate, instructional, commercial, music, wedding, show and demo videos for over 20 years.

Let Lee show you in a laid back and easy to understand style how to make videos that will get you noticed.

Topics include:

Camcorders - which is best for you? How much should you spend?
The most important piece of equipment needed to make great videos
Audio tips and tricks
Microphones and when to use them
Lighting - Just how important is it?
Shooting tips the professionals use
Basic editing techniques and equipment
Packaging your masterpiece for best impact to your clients and customers
Rules and techniques for making a demo video that gets watched and gets you booked
A glossary of the best resources for purchasing equipment at discount prices
Includes 2 example promotional videos. Lee Cornell's show promo video and Al Stevens show promo video.

The large format 8 1/2"  x 11" book is professionally comb-bound.

DVD run time: 1:48

Videography Ninja Book and 108 Minute Instructional DVD , $30

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Six Sure-Fire Techniques To Add Punch To Your Comedy Material
by Tom Ladshaw

Another sell-out at the 2009 Vent Haven International Ventriloquist Convention.

This great little booklet is based on the standing room only lecture Tom presented at this years convention, which was attended by over 425 entertainers.

In addition to being a full time magician, ventriloquist, author and comedian, Tom is also known in the entertainment business as a first-rate professional comedy writer.

He not only writes his own comedy material, but has also spent many years writing routines and bits for other professionals.

This booklet teaches you 6 specific techniques that will help you take your routine from "chucklesville" to "guffawtown."

Let's face it, one of the hardest things about putting together a routine is making it truly funny. You end up settling for "cute" bits to fill out your routine, but don't really get "rolling in the aisles" laughter from your audiences.

In PUNCH!, Tom has concisely explained these 6 techniques, the theory behind why they work and actual examples.

These are the same methods today's top comedy pros use to make their acts funny.

If you want to create original material, or add more zing to your existing material, Tom's new book will enable you to quickly and easily add PUNCH to your comedy.

And, be sure to check out Tom's "PUNCH!" DVD which was recorded live at the 2009 Vent Haven International Ventriloquist conVENTion HERE. It makes a great companion to the PUNCH! booklet.

Very funny book introduction by "Super Dave Osborne."

If you've invested in any of Tom's other publications, you know what a great value this resource is.

PUNCH! , Only $10

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Stop That Heckler!
by Tom Ladshaw

What do you do when someone heckles you right in the middle of your act? Do you cringe in fear? Lose track of your place in your act? Lose your cool?

Or do you feel confident knowing that if politeness and civility fail and you absolutely must engage the heckler, you're fully equipped?

Let's face it. No one likes dealing with hecklers.

But if you ever have to squelch one, you'll be glad you made the investment in this treasure trove of heckler stopper lines.

This book is jammed packed with nearly 400 heckler stoppers for comedians and variety performers. There is also a special section of the book written in ventriloquist dialogue form, so you AND your puppet can zing the bad guy.

A great book specifically written to help you stop hecklers, written by a real pro. 28 pages.

Stop That Heckler! , Only $10

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Performing on Cruise Ships
by Col.Bill Boley
Updated 2008 edition by Tom Ladshaw

This classic primer on cruise ship work by Bill Boley has been updated and contains a new forword by Tom Ladshaw.

If you are interested in this exciting and lucrative field, this jam-packed little book will tell you what you need to know!

The book really contains a true "boatload" (sorry) of important information that will make booking cruise shows smooth sailing (sorry again).

Topics include:

Getting booked
How many shows are you expected to perform?
Performing areas and challenges
Music and ship musicians
The Cruise Director
Living quarters and what to expect
Ships rules for entertainers
What clothes should you bring?
Purser's Office
Receiving mail
Shipboard information
The act - types of routines to perform
The language of the sea
and more!  20 pages

Performing on Cruise Ships, Only $10

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Ventriloquism In A Nutshell
by Clinton Detweiler
Revised and Updated!

While Clinton Detweiler was the owner of the famous Maher Ventriloquist studios, he released this great 10 lesson booklet in 1974.

It went on to become the best selling product in the Maher Studios books catalogue, only being outsold by their legendary Maher Home Study Course in Ventriloquism.

Clinton closed Maher Studios in 2006 but has kept busy in his "retirement."

One of his projects was to revise and update this great little book. Here it is! A true classic!

Topics include:

Lesson 1 - Our amazing voice
Lesson 2 - Breath streams and voice contrast
Lesson 3 - Your most important "tool"
Lesson 4 - The ventriloquial mouth position
Lesson 5 - Ventriloquist dummies
Lesson 6 - Lifelike animations
Lesson 7 - Labials "F" "V" and "W" sound substitutions
Lesson 8 - Labial "M" sound substitutions
Lesson 9 - Labials "B" and "P" sound substitutions
Lesson 10 - Punch lines, timing and more

Many ventriloquist "how-to" books and materials have been published. "Ventriloquism in a Nutshell" is absolutely one of the best. It has been designed to introduce the reader to the basics of the art in a fun and orderly step-by-step program.

The instructions are simple yet fundamentally sound. If you follow the directions faithfully, you will learn to be an effective ventriloquist.

This book should be part of every ventriloquists library. 48 pages.

Ventriloquism in a Nutshell , Revised and Updated, Only $10

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Sleight of Mouth
by Harry Allen

One of The Greatest Collections Ever of One Liners, Jokes and Bits.

For several years, Harry Allen released some short booklets that contained an unbelievable amount of hilarious one liners - for nearly all occasions and all comedy performers.

All of these smaller booklets have been combined into this incredible resource - 'Sleight of Mouth.'

This book is jam-packed with hundreds of the funniest one liners and bits ever assembled.

You will find a goldmine of very funny, contemporary material to use in your show and in the routines you write. Page after page of professional comedy. One of the best books of it's kind ever written. Guaranteed.

Harry Allen has been a professional performer of comedy and magic for nearly 40 years. He's appeared on national TV many times, including appearances on Entertainment Tonight, Good Morning America and CNN News.

Harry has performed all over the world, and he has been hired to perform magic and comedy for David Copperfield and his cast.

Harry is also the owner of the world famous 'Daytona Magic Shop' in Daytona Beach, Florida.

This book is a great resource for ventriloquists, speakers, comedians, magicians and entertainers.

"I think you have a great book. This is a great bunch of one liners which comedians can use all over the world. I'm borrowing some of these jokes myself."

Henny Youngman

177 pages. Softcover.

Check out these great categories:

Laughter/No Laughter
Bad Day
Applause/No Applause
Comedy Fillers
Insults for Hecklers
Bad Neighborhood
Body Sounds
M.C. Bits and Stories
For Magicians Only
Odds and Ends
Ventriloquist Humor
Senior Citizen Humor
General Humor
Plus Tons More!

Sleight of Mouth , Only $20.00


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Mega Sales and Marketing - pdf eBook on CD
by Dave Dee

I hear it from performers all of the time..."Why do I need a book about sales and marketing? I have a flyer I send out."

Then I ask them, "Are you getting all of the shows you want?"

"No" is usually the answer.

You MUST know how to market and sell your show. If you are in business as a performer, you MUST know how to get people to hire you.

Most performers do NOT know how to market effectively.

Yeah, I know. Most of us (me included) want to spend our money on new puppets, dummies or joke books. But what good is that stuff if you are not doing any shows? Learning how to market has to be one of your top priorities.

This great e-book by marketing expert Dave Dee will show you tons of tips and tricks to booking as many shows as you want, as easily as flipping on a light switch.

Dave was a struggling performer who had a good show, but was not getting many gigs-until he finally decided he was going to learn as much about marketing as he could. He began studying REAL marketing experts - names like Dan Kennedy, Zig Ziglar, Jay Abraham, Tom Hopkins and many more.

By adapting the marketing secrets he learned, he went from doing an average of 3 shows a month to over 30 paying shows a month. During one month, Dave did 55 shows.

He then went on to author a best selling marketing system for entertainers and eventually limited his performing career to focus on teaching marketing principles to thousands of students.

Dave has become one of the most sought after speakers and consultants today on the subject of marketing and helping people sky rocket their businesses.

You may say, "My business is different and these marketing ideas won't work for me." To be blunt - you're wrong. Marketing is marketing is marketing. This book is packed full of literally hundreds of ideas that can dramatically increase the number of shows you do and the amount of money you can make.

The ideas in this book work for any business-not just entertainers. And, the information in this book is guaranteed to work. All of the techniques shown are proven. None of this is theory or old re-hashed information. These are the exact methods Dave uses today to very successfully market all of his programs, shows, seminars, products and services.

Many people pay up to $1,000 to attend one of Dave's multi-day live marketing "Boot Camps." I have attended several and they have been well worth the investment. Dave knows what he is talking about.

This book can literally be worth thousands and thousands of dollars to you if you simply use the information.

104 pages.

Check out these hot topics:

The Difference Between Sales and Marketing
10 Deadly Marketing Sins
How to Overcome Skepticism
How To Switch Markets
How Often To Mail to a Prospect / Customer
How To Generate Word-Of-Mouth Advertising
The Easy Way To Get the Names of Corporate Decision Makers
Thank You Notes and When To Use Them
The Only 3 Ways To Grow Your Business
Direct Mail / Telemarketing System
Repositioning for Profit
Setting Your Fees For Maximum Profit
How To Discover Your Prospects Budget
How To Increase Your Fees
Package Selling
How To Whip the Low Priced Competitor
How To Create Irresistible Offers
The Power of email Marketing
The Secret of 'Take Away' Selling
Much more!

Mega Sales and Marketing pdf eBook on CD, Only $15.00

Purchase Online Now!

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Working for a Laugh- pdf eBook on CD
The Corporate Comics Survival Guide
by Paul Romhany

Another great resource!

If you want to get into the market of performing in the corporate arena, this book compiled by full time entertainer Paul Romhany is a must have.

It's 164 pages packed with hundreds of jokes, stories and ideas for the corporate market.

And, nearly all of the material can be adapted to almost any market.

Here are just a few of the hilarious topics and bit ideas that you can use or write into routines in this huge 164 page eBook:

What to in Awkward Situations
Letters of Recommendations for Employees
Things Not to Put in a Resume Cover Letter
Things Not to Say at an Interview
Work Calories
Rest Room Policy
Excuses for Missing a Day of Work
10 Things to Say or Do to Annoy Co-Workers
Fun Things to Do in a Crowded Elevator
You Know You're Getting Old When...
Answering Machine Messages
1014 One Liners
You Know it's Your Last Day at Work When...
Cliches from Movies
Impress with Babble
Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?
100 Crazy Ways to Phone in a Pizza Order
Useless Bits of Knowledge to Impress Your Colleagues
Touch Tone Phone Songs
The Nerd Test
Reasons to Leave Work Early
Tons More...

Working for a Laugh by Paul Romhany pdf eBook on CD, Only $15.00

Purchase Online Now!

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Get More Laughs From Your Laughs!
by Robert W. Klamm

We have talked for years here on the ventriloquism101.com website about the importance of being funny.

It is CRITICAL to your act that you can be funny and entertaining while on stage.

You want the audience to laugh hard, long and often during your routine.

This amazing, highly rated new book will help you do just that - quickly and easliy.

The book is based on Robert's famous live comedy classes.

"Get More Laughs from Your Laughs is worth more than all of the 30 other comedy books in my library. Great innovations, all very usable!"
Barron Stringfellow

"Every topic has been explained with accuracy and precision."
Aldo Columbini

You will reference this book again and again.

Fun to read and easy to use.

75 Pages.

Topics include:

Comedy Contradiction
Rules of Physical Action
Punch-line Sentence Structure
Dual Reality
Innocence and Believability
Timing and the Pause
Building Your own Comedy Characterization
Plus more than 20 comic devices with funny examples.
You’ll also have fun with the game-like exercises included with each chapter.

Get More Laughs From Your Laughs , Only $11.95

Purchase Online Now!

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Ventriloquism for Fun and Profit (2005 revised edition)
by Paul Winchell

Ventriloquism For Fun and Profit is an updated edition of Paul Winchell's best selling book, originally published in 1954. In the book, Winchell, America's Premier Ventriloquist, teaches the many techniques of the Art of Ventriloquism.

Drawing from over sixty years of experience, Winchell covers everything you need to know to become a ventriloquist.

From vaudeville to television stardom, Paul Winchell took ventriloquism to levels of artistry rarely equaled by other ventriloquists.

"Winch", as Paul was usually called, made guest appearances on every major TV show in the 1950's and 1960's, and won numerous awards for his contributions to children's programming. In fact, there is hardly a ventriloquist working today who was not influenced by Paul Winchell.

In addition to all of his other performing accomplishments, Winchell used his vocal talents as the voice of many animated characters, most notably as the voice of Walt Disney's "Tigger" for over 35 years.

This is a "must have" book for your ventriloquism library!

Large 8 1/2 " x 11" format. Illustrated. Spiral bound for easy reading.

122 Pages.

Topics include:

Foreword by David Copperfield
History of Ventriloquism
Creating the Dummy Voice
Lip Control
How to Make Your Own Dummy
Creating a Character
"Throwing" Your Voice
Some of Paul's Famous Routines
And Much More!

Ventriloquism for Fun and Profit , Only $19.95

Purchase Online Now!

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The Killer Stand-Up Comedy System!

NEW: Get 5, that's right, 5 FREE online lessons just by visiting the Killer Standup Comedy System website!

You don't even need to enter an email address or anything!

One of the MOST important aspects of being a ventriloquist or professional performer is the ability to be FUNNY.

A lot of performers develop good technical skills for being a ventriloquist, but their act stinks because they are just not funny.

Being funny on stage is hard. But it is a skill that can be developed in most people.

The Killer Stand-Up Comedy system is the best system I've seen to show you how to be funny, almost without effort.

Topics Include:

How to produce mounds of bulk comedy material in minutes, instead of days or weeks. Eliminate writer's block completely. 
Easy-to-use and effective methods for structuring what you have to say for maximum impact on stage in the fewest words possible. 
The Secret Weapon and how to use it to completely eliminate stage fright and increase stage comfort and confidence. This single technique alone has been used by clients with remarkable results.
Sure-fire, easy-to-implement formatting techniques that will help you ensure that you achieve and maintain 4 to 6 quality laughs per minute when you perform. 
Dozens of multimedia examples. Examples of the methods and techniques are clearly illustrated with dozens of multimedia examples that help you make sure you are on the right track. 
A start-to finish, real 3-minute stand-up comedy bit is developed and illustrated every step of the way - from the initial stages of material development to the finished work as it was performed live on stage (a multimedia clip of the finished bit is included). 
Over $300 in FREE bonuses!
60 Day Money Back Guarantee!
And lots more!

Read all of the details about this amazing course here:

The Killer Stand-Up Comedy System

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The Magical Ventriloquist
by Tom Ladshaw
The Magical Ventriloquist

From professional magician, ventriloquist and author Tom Ladshaw is a great book for ventriloquists who also want to perform magic with their puppet.

The book is jammed-packed with 32 easy to do tricks and bits you can do during your ventriloquism act. Tom outlines the effect, tells you how to do the trick / bit and then offers some very helpful suggestions on how to present the trick.

Topics include:

Magic with ventriloquism - a brief overview
A simple magic glossary
The ventriloquist figure does the magic tricks
The figure 'helps' the ventriloquist do the magic tricks
The ventriloquial voice is used in a magic trick
The ventriloquist secretly utilizes a magic principle

The book also includes some great resources where you can find the necessary apparatus to perform the tricks (some which you may already have).

As are all of Tom's books, there is no 'filler' here. This is all audience tested material that will really add to your ventriloquism act.

The large format 8 1/2"  x 11" book is professionally comb-bound and illustrated.

The Magical Ventriloquist, Only $15

Purchase Online Now!

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Kid Show Ventriloquism (Updated soft-cover edition)
by Mark Wade

In Kid Show Ventriloquism, Mark Wade teaches everything from ventriloquism technique to complete comedy routines for kid shows. His many years as a full-time performer give him the credibility to write with authority on how to get the best reaction from children's audiences.

Mark maintains a busy schedule of between 400 and 500 shows each year for schools and libraries. In this best selling book, he shares his best secrets on how to be successful in entertaining with ventriloquism, puppetry and comedy. 132 pages.

This book is now out of print and few copies remain.

Topics Include:

Why Kidshow Ventriloquism?
Vent Mechanics For Kid shows
Bringing the Act Together
Kidshow Comedy Technique
Mark Wade's Kidshow Stuff
Kidshow Potpourri
Comedy Props and Visual Humor
Kidshow Troubleshooting
Showmanship Tips for the Working Ventriloquist
Marketing Your Show
Frequently Asked Questions with Mark's Answers

Kid Show Ventriloquism,
ONLY $10

Purchase Online Now!

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Ventriloquism...and Related Subjects
Updated and Revised! Includes Bill DeMar DVD!
by Bill DeMar

Learn secrets of ventriloquism and performing as only 'The Master of Sight and Sound,' Bill DeMar can teach you.

Drawing upon over 50 years of performing experience, Bill covers every aspect of the art of ventriloquism in this big book.


Also includes many photos from Bill's fabulous career, plus LOTS of additional new photos not seen in the original edition of the book. And, as an added bonus, the book now also includes the DVD. "The Bill DeMar Sampler" which contains clips of Bill's greatest bits!

The book has been totally revised and updated by Bill with the help of Tom Ladshaw. Even if you own the original edition, you'll still want this for your ventriloquism library.

Forword by Jeff Dunham!

This is one of the finest books on the art of ventriloquism on the market today. 68 pages.

Subjects covered include:

Anxiety / Nervousness Breathing and the Breath
Comedy Hand Puppets
Lighting Manipulation
Material Presentation
Props Practice
Power Repertoire
Staging Sound and P.A.
Timing / Speed Voice / Distant Voice
Variety / Versatility Wardrobe / Make-up
A Routine Some Final Thoughts

Ventriloquism...and Related Subjects, ONLY $25.00

Purchase Online Now!

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The Ventriloquial Script SourceBook
by Bill DeMar and Tom Ladshaw

The Ventriloquial Script SourceBook

This has to be the BEST compilation script book ever written, and the first book of it's kind. The idea of the book was that Bill DeMar wrote some scripts. And, professional entertainer and author Tom Ladshaw also wrote some scripts. Then, each reviewed the others writings and re-wrote each others material the way they would have used it. The result is a huge book of top-notch USEABLE material.

The two versions of the scripts are shown side-by-side on the pages, so you can see how each writer adapted the material.

Twelve of the scripts are presented in this unique 'two version' fashion, for a total of 24 scripts.

But there's more. There are also 9 other complete individual scripts by either Bill or Tom that brings the grand total to 33 scripts!

But, that's not all! Also included are some 'classic exchanges' between well-known ventriloquists and their partners, some heckler stoppers, 'short bits' and some words of wisdom from Bill DeMar.

Many other script books on the market often contain out-dated material, or so little useable material that you're lucky to find one good joke or line in the whole book. The 'Ventriloquial Script SourceBook' is jam-packed with tons of extremely funny, up-to-date material. The rough form of just one of these scripts originally cost more than $300 from a comedy writer in New York. This new book, without a doubt, is an amazing value!

Use these scripts as a spring board to help spark your creativity!

The Ventriloquial Script SourceBook, ONLY $25

Purchase Online Now!

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Vent Material Yearbooks
2004 Volumes 1 and 2, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010, 2011, 2012 Editions

by Tom Ladshaw


Great material from full time professional ventriloquist, magician and comedian Tom Ladshaw.

Each booklet contains very funny, usable up-to-date routines, gags, lines, heckler stoppers, short bits and dialogues. Each booklet is 24 pages - jammed-packed with great, audience tested material. Lots of different subjects covered.

As with all of Tom's products, these booklets are a tremendous value.

Vent Material Yearbooks - ONLY $7 Each

Vent Material Yearbook
Volume 1
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Vent Material
Volume 2

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Vent Material
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Vent Material
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Vent Material
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Vent Material
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Vent Material
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Vent Material
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Vent Material
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Vent Material
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Ventriloquism of Today
by Paul Stadelman

Paul Stadelman has written one of the most concise books on how to be a ventriloquist. It is a step-by-step training program that gets the beginner started right. Includes how to perform the different voices, sound effects, animal imitations, etc. Lots of advice on presentation, creating your character and choosing the proper dialogue material. Paul makes ventriloquism fun and exciting to learn. This book is a must for anyone interested in this unique art form. Large format 8 1/2" x 11" book. 86 pages.

Topics include:

Origin of Ventriloquism Value of Ventriloquism
The Near Voice The Near Distant Voice
The Distant Voice Humming, Droning, Buzzing
The Difficult Letters Developing the Vent Voice
Manipulation Animation
Presenting the Act The Dummy Talks & Sings
Tricks of the Trade Creating a Character
Selecting Material The Art of Polyphony
Impromptu Ventriloquism The Path to Perfection

Ventriloquism of Today , Only $10

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For Ventriloquists Only
by Paul Stadelman


This is a book of professional dialogues that will help ventriloquists have some great comedic moments in their act and perhaps be a starting point for new material.

Paul Stadelman not only gives you several hilarious dialogues, but also provides advice on how to present them in the most effective manner.

These routines cover many different subjects and situations with emphasis on children's shows and general audiences.

Large format 8 1/2" x 11" book.

22 pages.

For Ventriloquists Only , Only $7

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How To Become a Ventriloquist
by Edgar Bergen

This easy-to-follow reprint of the classic original 1938 book is designed especially for aspiring amateur ventriloquists and offers expert advice from the most renowned ventriloquist of all time, Edgar Bergen.

Bergen reveals the secrets of his trade, sharing many helpful tips of this great art form.

48 illustrations enhance this definitive guide from a master of the art.

126 pages.

Topics include:

Introduction to Ventriloquism
Near Ventriloquism
The Doll-Dummy
Hand Puppets
Shadowgraphs and Cardboard Dummies
Distant Ventriloquism

How To Become a Ventriloquist , Only $6

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