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"They all laughed at me when I told them I could throw my voice. But that laughter turned into admiration and applause when I made my puppet talk..."

Dear Friend,

Imagine this…

You're standing behind the curtain, ready to go on stage for the first time. You're excited and your adrenaline is pumping because you've dreamed of this moment for as long as you can remember. The MC announces you and your partner's name, and you walk on stage, into the spotlight, to the applause of the crowd! You begin your routine, joking with your "sidekick" and the audience responds with laughter, wonderment and applause. You're a huge hit! After the show many people crowd around to compliment you on your amazing talent and you think to yourself, "Why did I wait so long to become a ventriloquist?...”

Well, now you can join the thousands of others who have made their dream of becoming a ventriloquist come true with this exciting, entertaining and information-packed video (DVD), “Ventriloquism 101 with Lee Cornell: Insider Secrets to Becoming a Ventriloquist in as Little as 30 Days!" 

How it all began
My name is Lee Cornell. I first became “hooked” on ventriloquism when I was 9 years old. The only gift I wanted for Christmas that year was a ventriloquist puppet from the annual Sears Christmas catalog (anyone else remember those?). I vividly remember lying awake in bed each night – wanting so badly to become a ventriloquist.

On Christmas morning, with it gently snowing outside and the smell of my mom's hot chocolate heating on the stove (no microwaves in those days!), I carefully opened the one package that I felt might contain the gift I so desperately wanted. My wish came true!

Lee and "Jerry" 1966

The box contained what would become my first ventriloquist puppet. Now, I thought, I was on my way to becoming a ventriloquist!

My Disappointment
The puppet came with a little 4 page booklet that only explained the basics of ventriloquism. And, it was nowhere near detailed enough to show me how to become a ventriloquist. I tried to learn from the booklet, but I could not. So, my quest to become a ventriloquist continued.

I went to my local library and checked out books on ventriloquism. I took mail order courses. I sought advice from a local professional ventriloquist I knew at the time. I practiced every chance I could. And, quite frankly, I thought about giving up. People around me told me that I was wasting my time and that I would never succeed.

But, I still had "the dream." So I kept working. And, finally, after many months of practice and hard work, I did become a ventriloquist.

I'll never forget the look on the faces of my friends and family when I made Jerry "talk." Their jaws dropped! Suddenly I was not the kid who would "never be able to do it." Instead, I  was admired by all of those around me. I had always been a shy person, but ventriloquism gave me a lot more confidence in myself and opened opportunities for me that I would have never been offered.

I began performing when I was 12 years old and have been doing shows ever since!

Was It Worth It?
There is nothing like the feeling of performing a show for a live audience. It’s such a rush and people always want to talk after the show about the magic and illusion of ventriloquism.

After the show, the question people most often ask me is, “How did you make that puppet look so alive? You had me believing he was a real person!” This is the greatest compliment you will receive as a ventriloquist. It’s when the audience gets so caught up in the illusion of your skill that, for a few moments, they think of your puppet as a living thing.

Lee on stage with "Fred" at a United States Navy
officer promotion function

The performing opportunities, and the chance to make a really good income (either full time or part time), for a ventriloquist are nearly endless. Stage, night clubs, television, banquets, corporate functions, comedy clubs, school shows, hospital shows, fairs and carnivals, library shows. The list goes on and on.

And, if you are a magician, clown or some other type of entertainer, adding ventriloquism adds even more variety and excitement to your show and makes you more in demand as a performer. This allows you to charge more money for your services.

Does It Have to Be So Hard? Not Anymore!
Years ago, I realized that most ventriloquism books, videos and courses were either too complicated, did not contain enough information, were out of date, or took months to complete. That’s what I experienced when I was learning.

The reason most people don’t become ventriloquists is because the majority of materials on the market today make it difficult to learn as quickly as most people would like. They lose interest and quit before they reach their goal of becoming a ventriloquist.

So, I decided to produce a broadcast quality (the quality you would see on TV) video (DVD), drawing on my 40 years of being a ventriloquist. And I designed the program so that people could learn the secrets to this wonderful art form quickly and easily. You’ll become a ventriloquist faster than the driver of the pole position car at the Indianapolis 500!

Who Can Become A Ventriloquist?
Let me shatter a big myth right now. You don’t need some sort of weird throat or voice, or be some kind of “freak of nature” to become a ventriloquist. Can you talk? If you can, then you can become a ventriloquist quickly and easily. All it takes is a willingness to follow my step-by-step video instructions and the commitment to practice just a few FUN minutes per day.

You can be performing on stage in as little as 30 days!

The video is broken up into several fun  “chapters” and guides you with video demonstrations of all of the lessons. If you need to see a segment again, just skip forward or backwards on the video to replay any portion you need more work on.

You can become a ventriloquist by only practicing 10-15 minutes per day!

  Here’s what’s covered on the Ventriloquism 101 video (DVD):

  • The REAL secret of ventriloquism (this will shock you!)

  • Speaking without moving your lips

  • How to decide on a voice for your puppet (with examples of several voices)

  • The secret of the ventriloquist voice

  • The correct mouth positioning for the ventriloquist voice. (Doing this the wrong way can prevent you from becoming a ventriloquist)

  • Sound substitutions
  • How to say the difficult letters without moving your lips

  • Breathing exercises

  • How to make your puppet look alive
  • How to choose the “right” type of ventriloquist puppet
  • How to write scripts
  • Insider tips to joke telling
  • And much more on this broadcast quality video (DVD)!


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