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Here's what some past clients are saying about
"The Lee Cornell Show"

"Dear Mr. Cornell,
I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for the fantastic entertainment that you provided for my promotion party. My family, friends and office personnel all really enjoyed the show. Most of us had never seen a magic and ventriloquism show before. You and “your friend” had us laughing and amazed from beginning to end.

We will be keeping you in mind for future business functions or special occasions. I look forward to seeing an encore performance. If you like, feel free to use me as a referral in the future. I fully endorse your show as one of the most unique and entertaining values around!

I’d also like to thank you and compliment you on your professionalism. It was truly a pleasure working with you! "
Carl Klotzsche
, Commander
United States Navy
Indianapolis, IN

“Lee recently performed his amazing magic act at Elston Presbyterian Church in Lafayette, Indiana, and we were quite pleased with his showmanship and his abilities.  The show was enjoyed by all ages and Lee kept the audience laughing and on the edge of their seats. We were extremely happy with his show and his professionalism. We highly recommend the Lee Cornell Show.”
John Miller , Treasurer
Elston Presbyterian Church
Lafayette, IN

I went out to camp again last night. You’d have loved hearing all of the good talk about you and your show. I was almost afraid to unveil last night’s offerings because yours is a hard act to follow, with everyone expecting me to produce another hit. Happily, it came off OK, but your show was the best. It was great getting to know you. I hope it won’t be a whole year before we meet again. Thank you."
Ben Olson
Purdue University Pine Creek Camp
West Lafayette, IN

“Lee’s hilarious tricks were very entertaining. The amazed and puzzled looks on the children’s faces were priceless. My son, who had already been dreaming about being a magician, came home inspired and excited. It was great fun for everyone.”
Catherine Moran, Senior Pastor
Stidham Memorial Presbyterian Church
Lafayette, IN

“Lee presents a very professional performance, sprinkling humor in with a great assortment of magic tricks. He uses large props and a good PA system so that the audience can see and hear the show clearly. He relates very well to the audience, often teasing them with seemingly simple tricks and then climaxing the trick with an unexpected and unexplainable ending. He also includes members of the audience in his show for added fun.

His ventriloquism routine is a real bonus to his performance, with clever humor and a well-trained voice. Lee was extremely well received as the featured performer at our high school reunion. His show would be great  with all audience types and of all ages - including company and corporate events, reunions and banquets."
Harry Fink
Wea High School Alumni Association


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