"One of the funniest ventriloquism routines ever, performed for over 50 years and over 25,000 times - on television and all around the world, by a true legend, is being offered to only 4 people...will you be one of them? Maybe."

Sammy King's
"Francisco the Mexican Parrot"
Tribute Performance License

From: Lee Cornell and Sammy King
Tuesday, 10:23am

This very routine earned Sammy a living for over 50 years. He performed the Francisco routine over 25,000 times! That is not a misprint. Read that again. Over 25,000 times. Tweaking and refining it along the way until it became one of the most recognizable and popular vent routines ever.  

Watch the routine here:

Now YOU have the opportunity to invest in this fantastic routine. But only 4 more are being offered by Sammy. There were (10) licenses originally offered worldwide by Sammy himself and (6) have been taken. There are now only 4 left.

With this time tested routine, you will be able to add a spectacular and hilarious professional addition to your show, that WILL be the highlight of your performance and what people will be talking about for days or weeks afterwards.  

The routine is still as fresh and side-splitting today as it was when Sammy was performing it. He purposely wrote the routine to be timeless.

How would you like to add a routine to your show that:

What would having a routine of this caliber, ready for you to learn and perform, add to your show?

If chosen, your lifetime performance license includes all this:

·         The complete word-for-word routine in both a family version and a more adult version. Both are printed and in your license binder

·         Both versions of the written routine on CD, just in case you want to add something to it that you come up with, want another printed copy, etc.

·         A DVD with full length versions of both the family and adult routines as performed live by Sammy

·         An audio CD which includes all of the exact professional, studio music tracks Sammy used during his performances. You have permission to transfer the audio files to other playback formats/devices to fit your needs

·         A bonus DVD of Sammy’s final performance of the Francisco routine at the 2009 Vent Haven International ventriloquist conVENTion

·         A signed 8 x 10 color photo of Sammy and Francisco, suitable for framing

Plus, you'll also receive detailed instructions on how to make the cage/cover that you bring Francisco out of at the beginning of the routine, and the stand/perch Francisco stands on during the act.

Again, Sammy is allowing you to take a routine that he has perfected over the past 50 years and perform it as your own. This is truly an amazing value.

There are only four “conditions” that Sammy stipulates from the few of you who will be selected to invest in this license:

1). The license is granted to the original purchaser. It cannot be re-sold.

2). Purchaser agrees to learn the routine and be proficient at performing it. Sammy spent over 50 years perfecting the routine and expects others performing the act to do so professionally.                                                      

3). All sales of the license package are final. No refunds. There are only (4) licenses being offered.

4). Have fun with this killer routine!

Let’s expand on a couple of items mentioned above. This routine kept Sammy very busy, doing over 500 performances a year for over fifty years. It took him a long time to evolve this act into the near perfect ventriloquists' dream that it is. 

If you are selected for a license, please take the time to really study the videos, memorize the routine and practice it over and over until you truly have it down. Sammy is releasing this limited number of licenses as a “tribute” act. Be sure to honor Sammy by working hard to make the routine indeed a tribute to Sammy King.

If you are an experienced ventriloquist, you will probably be able to learn the routine faster than someone who is newer to ventriloquism. So, again, take the necessary time to rehearse and learn the subtleties of the routine before adding it to your show.

It’s all here. All you have to do is learn how to perform it. Well.

For the closing part of the bit, if you don’t play guitar, don’t worry about it. You don’t really have to play an instrument great anyway, as Francisco keeps interrupting you. One idea is to use a ukulele instead of a guitar. You can learn 2 chords very easily on a ukulele. Perhaps use a harmonica and blow a couple of notes or chords. Or, think of something else to do while Francisco is in the cage/under the cover, and change the routine up a little to match what you are doing. Again, it’s the interruptions of Francisco that make the closing so funny and strong, not you necessarily being an accomplished musician.

The license package does not include a puppet. There are so many parrot puppets on the market and you will have a very easy time finding one (at varying prices) to use in your show.

                         About Sammy King (from Sammy's website)

Ventriloquist Sammy King and Francisco, the Mexican parrot, performed together for more than 50 years on stages all over the world.

This classic act played 10 years at the world famous Crazy Horse Saloon in Paris, and his many television appearances include the last Ed Sullivan Show, the HBO Special “Dummies”, and the Jerry Lewis Telethon.

The multilingual “King of Ventriloquists” is also an accomplished classical guitar player and used those musical talents in his clever routine with his partner, who always got the best of him.

Sammy and Francisco are the only act to play four seasons at the Fabulous Palm Springs Follies, and since 1958, performed more than 25,000 times in revues, production shows, and as an opening act for such stars as Cher, Ray Charles, Tony Bennett and Andy Williams.

Sammy retired from the stage in 2009 and donated Francisco to the famous Vent Haven Museum, in Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky.

Since retiring from performing, Sammy has expanded and kept busy with his second love – coaching. He works one on one with famous and not so famous ventriloquists, teaching them how to become a better, more complete performer.

Here are what a few “stars” in the world of ventriloquism have had to say about Sammy:

"Sammy King has always been a great inspiration in my career.”Jeff Dunham

Sammy King has been an icon in the ventriloquial world for many years.  His lectures and coaching have helped many aspiring ventriloquists who are just starting out or need improvement in their performances. I, personally, have enjoyed watching Sammy perform over the years, and rate him among the top vents of recent decades.”Jimmy Nelson  

“I have been a friend and fan of Sammy King for longer than either he or I will admit.  He sets a new mark for all ventriloquists to reach every time he walks on stage. Thanks for showing us all how, Sammy.”Jay Johnson

“Sammy King is the one I watched when I was a kid.”Ronn Lucas

“When I started performing, my mentor became Sammy King because his influence directed me into becoming a performer and not just a vent.  I give him credit for influencing me in how to put together a professional act.”Brad Cummings

“Sammy King is a great ventriloquial technician, and his commitment to character is wonderful.”Edgar Bergen 1968

“As I sat in the audience of the Palm Springs Follies and watched Sammy King on stage, I marveled at his talent, his technique, and of his obviously considerable time on the boards.”Paul Winchell  2002

“The word I would use to sum up Sammy King’s act is AWESOME!  He is fast, funny, original and a complete show-stopper whenever he is on the bill.  I couldn’t recommend any act any higher than Sammy’s!” - Mark Wade-Executive Director Vent Haven International Ventriloquists’ ConVENTion

So, I know you're chomping to find out how much the investment is for this truly professional, handed to you on a silver platter, complete with EVERYTHING you need (except the puppet) routine to add to your show, that was written and performed by one of the true legends in ventriloquism, for OVER 50 years!

Sammy's was originally going to include a Francisco puppet made by him and 20 hours of coaching as part of the license. And the price was going to be $4,997. I know that is a complete sticker shock to many of you and will take you out of the running right now. And that's OK.

But, if you read the information above and think about the quality of this proven routine, who wrote it, who performed it, where it was performed and the reaction it received for decades, you can hopefully at least appreciate the value of this license package.

For those of you still reading, Sammy decided NOT to include a Francisco puppet, since there are many places you can get a parrot puppet - for a lot less than the $800 price tag Sammy would have charged to make a custom Francisco. 

He also decided is was too difficult to determine how many hours of coaching a particular performer might need to help hone the routine. Some experienced vents would need little or no coaching. Others might need a lot more. So, he also removed the 20 hours of coaching from the price.

Individual, hourly rate coaching can still be arranged with Sammy if you feel you need it. But the package is so complete, you should be able to learn the act by watching the videos and rehearsing the script.

So, the price of the lifetime performance rights to the Francisco the Mexican Parrot routine was reduced to $3,497.

And Sammy can make arrangements for a (3) payment option if that will help you.

If you can see beyond just "the price" to realizing what this act can do for you, you have a chance to pick up one of these (4) final licenses Sammy is offering.

But only contact us if you are honestly going to use the routine. Don't take away the opportunity from someone else who would have loved to get a license, only for you to then leave it on a shelf.

And, do not spend money you don't have. We do not want you to take food off of your table to invest in a license.

However, if you are serious about being considered and want more details on how to purchase, please contact me or Sammy at:




Sammy will be making the decisions as to who is approved to obtain a performance license.

You know, people throw around the phrase "once in a lifetime opportunity" all of the time. In this case, it is absolutely true.

If you think you can do justice to Sammy's Francisco the Mexican Parrot routine, give us a shout and we'll talk.




and please put "Sammy License" in the subject line of your email.

Thank you!

Lee Cornell

Sammy King                                                               


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