Ken Groves-
Breaking Down the Brick Walls
of Show Biz!

Insider Secrets Revealedů

A Real, Working Full-Time, In Huge Demand Comedy
Performer Reveals All of his 20 Years of Secrets to
Show Business and Going "Pro."

This complete system on how to be wildly successful in

show business can literally change your life forever. GUARANTEED!

Plus there are some fantastic bonuses included!

Ken Groves "Breaking Down the Brick Walls
of Show Biz" Quantum Leap Program

160 Page Updated, Revised and Expanded Course Book!


Over 6 Hours of One-On-One Audio Interviews with Ken!

Recorded live training DVD workshop from the 2008 Vent Haven

International Ventriloquist ConVENTion!

Does this sound familiar?

You have a good show. But, try as you may, you can't seem to get the number of shows you want, or work in the quality of venues you want to perform in.

You are not making any money. In fact, by the time you figure your time driving to the gig, the setup, tear down, gas and other expenses, you are actually losing money. You're stuck and frustrated in this world called show business.

How can you take your show to the next level and make the serious income you need to even think about living your dream and performing full-time? What are the secrets other professional performers use to book all of the shows they want, make the money they want and really live the "show business" life?

You'll find the real world answers to all of your questions in a new course unlike anything else on the market. There has never been anything ever published to this level of detail on how to (and what it takes) to make it in show business. Period.

It's called the "Breaking Down the Brick Walls of Show Biz Quantum Leap Program" by full time comedian ventriloquist Ken Groves.

And let me clarify. This is NOT just a program for ventriloquists. Yes, Ken is a ventriloquist. But he specifically created this program for anyone in the entertainment business - including comedians, magicians, jugglers and clowns.

Ken has been working as a full time performer in nearly every venue since 1985. Some clients include: Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Holland America Cruise Lines, Riviera Hotel, Aladdin Hotel, Tropicana Hotel and The Imperial Palace - all in Las Vegas.

He's appeared on the Arsenio Hall Show, The Sattler Brothers Show, CNBC's America's Talking Show and After Hours.

He has performed for dozens of colleges all across the U.S. and has toured with the U.S. Army.

Other corporate clients include Ford Motor Company, B.P. America, Goodyear, Frito-Lay, Pepisco.

Ken is also a very in demand trade show and convention performer.

And, he is a member of the Vent Haven Museum Board of Advisors.

The list goes on and on.

Am I listing all of these credentials to impress you? Well, yes. Sort of.

I want to impress upon you that Ken knows all about show business and what it takes to make it in this field. He learned the hard way by making a lot of mistakes along the way. Ken knows what he is talking about.

He is now willing to reveal everything he knows about show business in his "Breaking Down the Brick Walls of Show Biz" course.

Here's what you'll receive.

Part One:

"Breaking Down the Brick Walls of Show Biz" Book

Ken's original version of this book was jammed packed with tons of information in it's 79 pages.

For this new course, the book has been updated, revised and expanded to 160 pages! These are the real nitty, gritty facts you need to make it in show business. Ken tells it like it is. You may not want to hear some of this, but Ken pulls no punches to help make you the best entertainer you can be.

Again, Ken is letting you in on over 20 years worth of the real meat behind the business of show business

Here is just a taste of the topics in this amazing book:

Getting started in show business the right way

Are you a performer or entertainer?

How to really connect with your audience

Handling hecklers

Looking like a professional

Do you really have any talent?

Stage presence

How to know if you have a good act

How to know if you have a bad act
Improving your act
The business side of show business
Do you need insurance?
Working with agents-the real story
Standards and guidelines
Making your client look good
Things you MUST be aware of when setting up your performance area
The nuts, bolts and expense of travel
Secrets to great marketing
and much more!

As an extra bonus, the book also contains 26 different documents that Ken is including as "Copyright Free"  for you to model and use in your business!

All kinds of forms, promotional samples, letterheads, phone call question sheet, sample contract, end of month report sample, stage and audience layout customer sheet, advertising samples and more.

These are the same documents Ken uses in his own business everyday.

How much time and/or expense would it take for you to create all of these documents yourself? Ken has done the work for you.


Part 2:

"Breaking Down the Brick Walls of Show Biz" Audio Interviews on CD

In this 6 hour WAV file audio CD *(plays on your computer)*, Ken expands even more on the contents of his book.

Interviewed by the author of the famous Killer Stand-Up Comedy System, Steve Roye, these guys leave no stone unturned in this fast paced, entertaining, step by step audio guide to being successful as an entertainer. Steve grills Ken on all of the topics he knows you want to hear about.

Part 3:

"Breaking Down the Brick Walls of Show Biz-Live!" DVD

Recorded live at the 2008 Vent Haven International Ventriloquist ConVENTion, Ken cuts right to the chase and through the bull on this broadcast quality DVD to give you his most important tips, tricks and advice for making it BIG in the entertainment business.

Over 440 people attended the convention this year and Ken's presentation had the attendees buzzing about how great the information was.

Now, how much do you think a course like this is worth? You have a full time performer with 20+ years of experience revealing all of his best ideas to help you become a great entertainer and make a lot more money as a performer.

I ask you again. What do you really think the value is to have access to all of this knowledge?

It amazes me how many ventriloquists spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on puppets and dummies, thinking "All I need is one more new puppet and I'll finally become successful in show business." Well, that's not generally what happens, and you probably already know that.

Everyone and anyone wanting to get to the "next level" needs this course.

Before you decide, and as an extra incentive (as if you should need any) since this is a brand new introductory release, here are a few limited time additional bonuses you'll receive if you order now.


A FREE 30 minute phone consultation certificate - $100 value

Read the course book, listen to the over 6 hours of audio interviews and make note of any other questions you have for Ken. Then, you can call Ken personally for a private, one-on-one consultation with him.


Signed copy of the book

For you collector's out there, Ken has signed a limited number of the books. Grab an autographed copy while you can!


"Mega Sales and Marketing Insider Secrets" pdf eBook on CD-$20 value

by marketing expert Dave Dee



This is not a book by Ken, but one of the best resources ever put together by marketing guru Dave Dee.

Over 100 pages of the best marketing tips and tricks ever developed.

Topics Include:

The difference between sales and marketing

Take away selling

10 deadly marketing sins

How to overcome clients skepticism

How to switch markets

How often to mail a prospect

How to generate word of mouth advertising

Thank you notes

Direct mail secrets
How to increase your fees
How to make more money from each job
How to create irresistible offers

How to get your marketing mail pieces opened

How to whip the low priced competitor
How to generate corporate leads
and literally hundred of other ideas



"Working for a Laugh-The Corporate Comics Survival Guide to the Workplace" pdf eBook on CD-$20 value

by Paul Romhany

Another great resource! If you want to get into the market of performing in the corporate arena, this book compiled by full time entertainer Paul Romhany is a must have. It's 164 pages packed with hundreds of jokes, stories and ideas for the corporate market. And, nearly all of the material can be adapted to almost any market.


OK, this was a long description. Let's recap what you'll receive with the course:


Autographed "Breaking Down the Brick Walls of Show Biz" revised and expanded 160 page step-by-step manual.


"Breaking Down the Brick Walls of Show Biz" Interview CD. Over 6 hours of audio instruction from Ken and Steve Roye.


"Breaking Down the Brick Walls of Show Biz-Live" DVD presentation Ken gave at the 2008 Vent Haven ConVENTion.


26 pages of "Copyright Free" samples and documents you can model to use in your own business.


30 minute phone consultation with Ken


Mega Sales and Marketing Insider Secrets pdf eBook on CD.


"Working for a Laugh-The Corporate Comics Survival Guide to the Workplace" pdf eBook on CD.

The normal catalog price for this package is $197, and is a tremendous bargain at that price. I have had several professional entertainers tell me I should be selling this information for at least $300, and that I'm nuts for offering this at $197.

But, for this new release, you can get everything for the introductory price of only $97.

What? You read it right. Only $97.

Think about that for a minute. Only $97 for all of this information that could potentially change the course of your performing career and dramatically increase your income.

Are you still waiting for your phone to ring, hoping it's a call for a show?

Order right now and begin breaking down the brick walls of show biz.


Unbelievable One Year 100% Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee

Read the "Breaking Down the Brick Walls of Show Biz" manual, listen to the over 6 hours of audio interviews, ask Ken questions with your 30 minute phone consultation certificate.

If you don't think the package is worth at least twice what you paid for it, return the book and audio CD for an immediate, no questions asked refund.

And, you can keep the "Mega Sales and Marketing" eBook and the "Working for a Laugh" eBook as our gifts to you for trying the "Breaking Down the Brick Walls of Show Biz Quantum Leap" program.

How fair is that?



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