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"Why are we offering a full-sized, professional ventriloquist figure, that easily has a value of $700 to $800, (and will "wow" your audience as soon as they see it), for such an incredibly low price?"

We're glad you asked.

Meet "Fred"
A Ventriloquism 101 Website Exclusive!


A classic looking, professional, full-size ventriloquist figure -  available with lots of great features - at a terrific price!

Added Bonuses!
Bonus #1:
For a limited time, order a Fred professional ventriloquist figure and receive, absolutely FREE, the Ventriloquism 101 Video Course (a $30 value!) 
Wow! That's right. You get the #1 selling ventriloquism video course on the Internet with all of the bonuses - the "Ventriloquism Revealed" book, the "Peepers" hand puppet and the classic "Pride and Joy" wallet photo FREE!

Bonus #2: We're so confident in the quality of Fred that we'll also include a 5 year warranty. If your puppet develops any mechanical problems within 5 years from the day you receive him, we'll fix him for free*


In 2001, artistic designer Mike Brose released the most important book on how to build a professional ventriloquist figure ever written. It was called "Figure Making Can Be Fun?!?" The book was a huge runaway hit and everyone who had ever wanted to build their own professional figure now had the instructions on how to do so.

Still, even with this great resource now in print, many would-be figure makers were still finding challenges with actually making the parts (head, eyes, hands, etc...) needed to assemble a finished puppet. Mike Brose to the rescue again! He then designed and released a ventriloquist figure "kit" which included all of the unfinished parts necessary to build a figure.

If you would like to read more about the "Figure Making Can Be Fun?!?" book, or about Mike's build-it-yourself kit, please visit Mike's website at

One day, mechanical designer, artist and lifelong ventriloquist, Al Stevens, purchased one of Mike's kits and was so impressed with the quality that he not only built several figures from the kits, but also put up a website detailing, with photos, how to build a Mike Brose figure kit.
Al's website is here:

However, there are still many new and seasoned ventriloquists who want a professional ventriloquist figure that do not have the desire, time, patience, or skills necessary to build their own.


Through a special arrangement between Mike Brose, Al Stevens and Lee Cornell, we are extremely pleased to offer "Fred." A completely finished, beautiful, extremely high quality, and most importantly, very affordable professional ventriloquist figure made from the Mike Brose figure kit! 

The Brose/Stevens Fred figure is only available exclusively through the Ventriloquism 101 website.

 Lee with his Fred professional ventriloquist figure (tux not included)

Each "Fred" is built from scratch when you order. The head, hands, body and feet are made from a tough industrial casting urethane that is used a lot in the prototype and special effects industries. This material will last many, many years. You'll also appreciate Mike and Al's attention to detail and excellent quality in both the materials used and in the construction of Fred.

Al installs smooth, quiet and easy to operate brass controls. He also hand paints each figure, taking great care in the blending and shading of the colors.

Make no mistake. This puppet is no "mass produced" toy dummy, but a real professional ventriloquist figure that you will be proud to use in your show. Since each Fred is hand built and painted, no two will look exactly the same.

Each Fred is built from start to finish by Al Stevens himself. Some companies use several people during the construction process which can affect the final quality of the puppet. Al personally makes each puppet himself to insure that you get a top-of-the-line professional ventriloquist figure.

We are confident that you will not find a professional ventriloquist figure of this quality, at this price, anywhere else!

Check out the great standard features included on every Fred:

Beautiful, classic look that appeals to every audience

Professional 40" full size figure

Wonderfully blended paint on the face and hands. Fred looks good close-up or on stage. Each Fred is carefully hand painted.

Quality construction means Fred will probably outlast his or her new owner. Only the finest materials are used for construction, including brass controls.

Nearly gapless slot-jaw mouth opens wide for fantastic visibility.

Wonderfully detailed hands

Smooth ball and socket neck action allows the head to glide effortlessly back and forth - up and down

Easy to use headstick and logically placed control levers make Fred a pleasure to perform with

Expressive self-centering side to side moving eyes (choose blue, brown, green)

Very high quality, hand tailored wig (choose brown, black or blonde)

The lightweight body of Fred is carefully balanced so he can sit alone

Fred comes dressed (except for shoes - clothing styles will vary)

Five year warranty



Blinking eyes

Raising eyebrows




And the best part is the fantastic price for Fred

Only   $599 
for the Standard Fred
Feel free to compare Fred to other companies figures costing $700 - $800
(which includes moving mouth and self-centering side-to-side eyes)

Additional Feature Pricing:
Raising Eyebrows...........$100.00

And don't forget  if you order Fred now, you'll also receive the 
Ventriloquism 101 Video Course and the 5 year warranty

Important Ordering Info:
If ordering on-line, the price that will show on the order form will be for the Standard Fred. Please list hair color, eye color, right or left handed controls and any additional features you want on your Fred in the "Special Comments" section of the order form. We'll email you to confirm your order and the total before charging your credit card.


As mentioned above, each Fred is hand built from scratch by Al Stevens. Depending on the number of figures he has to build and the options you want on your Fred, the length of time to complete your puppet will vary. However, we are trying to keep production time down to one of the shortest in the figure building business. 
FOR THE STANDARD FRED: Al will attempt to complete your new partner within 3 - 6 weeks.
FOR A FRED WITH RAISING EYEBROWS AND/OR BLINKERS: Al will complete your figure in 8 - 12 weeks.
 In the world of professional figure making, these are still very short time-frames. There are other figure makers who take six months to a year or longer to complete a professional figure.

To make delivery faster, upon completion Al will send your Fred to you via U.S. Priority Mail right from his studio.

ORDER TODAY and in a few weeks, you'll be performing with a brand new, custom made to your specifications, professional ventriloquist figure...


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*The Fred 5 year guarantee does not cover the repair of any modifications the purchaser may try to make to the puppet, or damage caused by misuse of the puppet.

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