"Bill DeMar Tape Over The Mouth" Secret and Performance License
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R YES, Bill and Lee, I would like to invest in the Bill DeMar Tape Over the Mouth Performance License. Here is what I will receive:

  • A numbered and signed performance license binder.

  • A DVD of Bill demonstrating the routine in front of a live audience

  • Bill's step-by-step DVD instruction on how the effect works, and how to perform it effectively

  • A roll of masking tape

  • The special "something" that helps make the trick even easier to do

  • Bill's permission to perform his routine

  • A written manuscript explaining the secret and routine, with other helpful tips and tricks to performing the Tape Over The Mouth bit

  • Access to Bill via email or telephone if you have questions

...everything described on the website – all for $497 (plus $12 shipping and handling in the U.S.). And, I can choose to pay in 2 installments. If paying with the 2 payment option, my license materials will be shipped immediately with my first payment of $248.50 plus $12.00 shipping (total $260.50) and the second payment of $248.50 will be charged to my Visa or MasterCard 30 days later. NO PAYPAL with the 2 pay option. Sorry.

R Plus, because I am ordering today, , I am also going to receive these FREE Bonuses!

  • The DVD of the complete show Bill performed at the 2002 Vent Haven International Ventriloquists Convention

  • The DVD interview, "Bill DeMar: A Lifetime of Laughs"

  • A signed full-color 8 x 10 of Bill and his cast of characters


By purchasing this secret and performance license, you are agreeing to and bound to these stipulations:

1.) You must agree to never sell or tell anyone how the Bill DeMar "Tape Over The Mouth" trick is done. The official license you receive will contain this clause as part of the document and must be honored. You may not copy or resell any of the contents of the license package. You may not post any video or audio from this package to the Internet.

2.) You must promise to learn to do the routine the right way and be proficient at it before you perform it in public. Bill is known all over the world for this bit and he absolutely does not want ANYONE doing a hack job performance with a routine he has perfected over 50 years.

3.) All sales are FINAL. NO REFUNDS. The value in a trick is in the secret. Once you learn how the trick is done you may think "Why didn't I think of that?" No one has ever been able to figure Bill's method out and that is what you are investing in. Knowing Bill's secret could be worth thousands of dollars to you in repeat bookings from venues that want to see this routine again and again.

Plus, you are getting a lot more than just the secret. You are getting a routine, honed to perfection over a lifetime. The jokes, technique, setup. The same act that Bill has used for over 50 years.

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