"Finally, Ventriloquist Legend 
Bill DeMar Reveals The Secret
To His Most Amazing Routine...
The Tape Over The Mouth Bit!"

Time is running out!

Bill performing the Tape Over the Mouth Routine at the Vent Haven ConVENTion

But This Amazing, Once-In-A-Lifetime Performance License Is Only Being Made Available To 35 5 4 Lucky People. After the 35 5 4 Licenses Are Gone, The Secret May Never Be Revealed To Anyone Else - Ever!

Greetings and a special introductory note:

In 2008, my good friend and mentor, legendary ventriloquist Bill DeMar and I released this extraoridinary routine, It was only offered for a limited time and then taken off of the market.

Sadly, Bill passed away in 2015. 

Recently, I found a few of the license packages left from the initial quantity I made for Bill. Rather than let them gather dust, I've decided to offer these again to allow a few more people the opportunity to carry on the legacy of Bill and this wonderful routine.

Below is the original description from 2008 about the license.


From: Lee Cornell and Bill DeMar
Greenwood, Indiana
Monday, 10:03 AM

Dear Friend,

You've probably seen Bill DeMar perform his amazing "Tape Over The Mouth" routine. If not, I'm sure you've heard of it.

It has been one of the most unbelievable, jaw-dropping segments of Bill's act for over 50 years.

The effect is this:

Bill's ventriloquist figure, Chuck Norwood, gets into an argument with Bill. 
Bill tells Chuck to "Shut up."  
Chuck replies that Bill should shut up. 
Bill says, "Make me!" 
Then the magic begins.

Chuck invites an audience member on stage to help. ANY audience member can be used. There are no "plants" or "stooges." The volunteer has no idea as to how the trick works.

Chuck then has the audience member tear off a strip of masking tape from a roll and place it over Bill's mouth. This is NOT a trick roll of tape in any way. It is a regular roll of masking tape that you can get at any store.

Chuck continues to talk. 

Another piece of tape is torn off and placed over Bill's mouth. 

Chuck continues to talk. 

2 or 3 more strips of tape are torn off of the roll and placed over Bill's mouth at different angles, completely covering Bill's mouth.

Another layer of tape is placed over Bill's mouth as Chuck looks on

And still, Chuck continues to talk! 

The audience goes completely wild!

There is no trickery in the puppet voice. It is not a recording. Bill is doing the voice for Chuck "live."

Bill has received a standing ovation for this routine nearly every time he performs it. It is an absolute killer effect.

Many people have begged Bill to reveal his secret for decades. But, until now, Bill has kept this a closely guarded "weapon of mass destruction" for his own act.

With Bill no longer performing as much, and in a sort of "retirement," he has agreed to release the secret and a performance license to only 35 (Only 5 4 left!) people. He does NOT want the secret to be flooded all over the entertainment world, so he is limiting the number of people he will share the secret with at this time.

The notification of the release of this limited edition license package is initially going out to over 2,000 ventriloquists on my mailing lists. Then, it may also be offered from my Ventriloquism101.com website, which gets over 10,000 page views per month from all over the world. So, we feel these will sell out quickly.

Once the Bill DeMar Tape Over The Mouth performance licenses are gone, they may never be offered again.

There are a few other vents who perform a tape over the mouth bit, but this is the Bill DeMar method and routine, which Bill devised, where he uses several layers of tape. Bill first performed this routine in 1959.

I'll tell you right now, the secret is not going to be cheap - for two reasons.

1.) Putting a high, but fair price on the secret insures that people won't just buy it to learn how to do it. And, believe me, people have been trying to figure out Bill's method for years!

2.) By keeping the price high, only those who really want to invest in the secret to an effect that is a reputation maker, will be able to learn, and then make this routine a part of their show. This effect will take your show to a whole new level.

If you are one of the 5 4 remaining who are accepted to receive a license, there are a few stipulations required before a license will be granted.

1.) You must agree to never tell anyone how the Bill DeMar "Tape Over The Mouth" trick is done. And, you must confirm this agreement when you order, stating that you will never reveal, duplicate the materials or sell the secret to anyone else, or post the video online for others to learn how it is done. Of course, we hope this would not be an issue. Those of you who are investing this kind of money should not want to reveal the secret, anyway.

2.) You must promise to learn to do the routine the right way and be proficient at it before you perform it in public. Bill is known all over the world for this bit and he absolutely does not want ANYONE doing a hack job performance with a routine he has perfected over 50 years.

3.) All sales are FINAL. NO REFUNDS. The value in a trick is in the secret. Once you learn how the trick is done you may think "Why didn't I think of that?" But remember this: No one has ever been able to figure out Bill's specific method and that is a large part of what you are investing in. Plus you are being handed Bill's entire tested and proven routine on a silver platter. Knowing and performing Bill's secret could be worth thousands of dollars to you in repeat bookings from venues that will want to see this routine again and again.

Here Is What You Will Receive If You Are Granted A License For The "Bill DeMar Tape Over The Mouth" Routine

  • A numbered and signed lifetime performance license to the Bill DeMar "Tape Over The Mouth" Secret - Only 5 4 remain.
  • A new, professionally recorded DVD that shows Bill performing the routine in front of  a live audience, and then Bill explaining, step-by-step, exactly how it is done.
  • Written instructions explaining the secret to the "Tape Over The Mouth" routine, with some additional tips.

  • A roll of masking tape to get you started.

  • The secret "something" that makes this trick even easier to do.

  • Permission to use Bill's routine as your own! This alone is worth more than the price of the entire package.

Here's what one licensee had to say about the effect:


I received the bit last week, practiced it one week and did it yesterday evening with 300 people in the hall... and the bit...it's...WOW!!!

The effect was: "Ahhhhhhhhh" and "Oooooooooooooooh" and "How is that possible?" during my act... The people were amazed... And Theodor, (my puppet) and me enjoyed the bit too.  It was great fun acting that routine.

It's a killer! I got 4 new bookings after my act.

Thank you."

Christoph Quernheim

OK, How Much Is The Investment?

What kind of value can you put on a routine that can immediately increase the value of your show? Book just one or two shows that are a result of a client hearing about or seeing the "Tape Over The Mouth" routine and you have paid for your investment.

How many additional bookings can you get by having this powerful routine as a part of your act?

How much additional money can you make by the extra and repeat bookings you'll get by having the "Tape Over The Mouth" routine in your show?

People willingly pay hundreds or thousands of dollars on ventriloquist figures and magic tricks and then never do anything with them. You know what I'm talking about. The sofa or shelf in your house that has the 29 dummies and puppets gathering dust. Or the stack of boxes in your closet crammed full of tricks, books, DVD's, videos and instructional materials you never used. What kind of a waste of money is that?

So, why would you not invest in a secret that will knock the audience off of their seats and leave them in disbelief?

We feel the value for a lifetime performance license for the "Tape Over The Mouth" secret and routine is at least $995.

However, we are offering the limited release licenses for only $497.

This may seem ridiculously expensive to you for the secret for a "trick." If so, that's OK. Don't invest in the license. 

We know there will be those who will say "It's not worth it." But again, the price is high to allow purchasing by only those professionals who really see the value of investing in it. Those people will see and understand the tremendous potential here and grab one of these while they can.

Added Bonus!!

If you order, you'll receive these 3 great bonuses:

BONUS #1: While we were with Bill shooting the video footage for the "Tape Over the Mouth" license, we realized this would be a great opportunity to sit down and have a candid conversation with Bill about his nearly 60 year career in show business. Boy, are we glad we did. 

Bill talked for over an hour, on camera, about his entire career. Beginning with him making his own first figure and winning a contest in 1949 all the way up to today. This is an amazing piece of ventriloquist history and it was all captured on tape. This entire interview, which is titled "Bill DeMar: A Lifetime of Laughs" is included with your package on DVD.

BONUS #2: A DVD of the complete act that Bill performed on the Friday Night Vent Haven Show in 2002. Bill had not performed at Vent Haven in 19 years. He simply stole the show that night and received an extended standing ovation. A brilliant performance by a master at his craft. This performance also includes another live performance of his tape over the mouth routine.

This is NOT a broadcast quality video, as it was shot using a consumer camcorder by an attendee. But it's still good enough to watch (and the audio is very good). You will actually feel the electricity in the room as Bill's mastery of ventriloquism and performing leaves the audience spellbound.  And no, that is not a laugh track added to the video. It's the audience howling and rolling on the floor from the first joke Bill tells until he takes his bows to a standing ovation. Watching Bill perform is an education in itself on how ventriloquism should be done.

BONUS #3: A beautiful autographed, full color 8 x 10 photograph of Bill and all of his characters. Perfect for framing, or adding to your collection of the world's greatest ventriloquists.

Please Note: Each license package is custom created when ordered. These are not mass produced. So, it will take between 10-14 days to create your personalized package and get it mailed out to you.

One other important fact: Bill was very reluctant in revealing this secret. He has toiled over his decision for months. It took us over 2 years to finally put this together and make it available to you. The offer can be pulled at any time.

Don't wait. Once they're gone, that's it.

Best regards,

Lee Cornell

Bill DeMar Tape Over the Mouth Performance License
(plus $12 shipping in the US)

Bill DeMar Tape Over the Mouth Secret